sexta-feira, dezembro 31, 2010


NYE! Well, last day of 2010… what I’m feeling right now: sad and glad at the same time, yes! This year was definitely a great year for me and fast too, truly fast. I can perfectly remember when it started as if it were just a few months ago, I’ll really miss it but 2011 will be an amazing and exciting year even more than 2010!!

About today I don’t know what I’ll do for celebrate the new year, later I’ll help my mom cook somethings and probably we’ll just stay at home together and drink some champagne, as before.


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Laura disse...

happy new year! nice blog :D

Niko's view disse...

Happy new year!

Bruno disse...

I'm glad you like it, happy new year Laura!

Bruno disse...

Thank you Niko, happy new year for you too! :D

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